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The Bag-In-Box packaging system was created as a streamlined solution to the difficulties of packaging liquids and paste-textured foodstuffs such as wine, water, sauce, syrup, juice, purees, oils and fats.

Bag-In-Box is a specially designed packaging system used for the storage and transportation of liquid, semi-liquid and past-textured products. It is constructed of a bag, consisting of multiple layers for added strength, with a tap or 1” or 2” fitment. The bag is filled with the desired product, and then placed into an outer container. While the bag is designed to protect the product from contact with oxygen, odours and light, the outer container is designed to protect the bag from physical damage and facilitate its transportation. 

We offer a large selection of bags, ranging in size from 2L to 1200L. These are constructed with two or more layers depending on a range of factors, including shipping distance, storage conditions, type of product and requirements concerning the oxygen barrier.

The material used for the outer container in which the bag is placed is also dependent upon a number of factors.

Bag Volume (L) Outer Container
2 - 20 Carton boxes.
220 Metal drums / rigid plastic container.
1000 - 1200 Containers are manufactured using plastic, metal or wood.





In recent years, Flexitanks have become more popular worldwide. These flexible containers, ranging in volume from 16,000L to 24,000L, are used in the transportation of substances over substantial distances. Flexitanks are placed into a standard 20” container or other transportation means. This system of packaging significantly simplifies the process of shipping liquid products and reduces the transportation costs.