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Ice Cream / Smoothies / Dairy & Other Drinks

How to provide your customers with safe, natural products that stay fresh for weeks after opening?
Tea and coffee products have become a way of life for legions of people. How to prepare your brand to meet the demand?
How to make your restaurant capitalize on the smoothie trend with a system that is quick, cost-effective, safe, and consistent?
The answer is Bag-In-Box. 

Bag-In-Box provides solutions that help to maintain the freshness of your products in the safest, most natural, economic, and sustainable way possible.

Common Products:

  • Dairy-Based Drinks
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Ice Cream Mixtures
  • Smoothies

Standard Types of Taps & Fitments:

QuickSeal Sentry SafeLock™ is an aseptic-capable fitment that offers safety and end-use convenience with simple hose or direct-connect functionality within closed-loop dispensing systems. This fitment offers additional benefits to end users who need to safely remove product from the dispenser during cleaning operations. 


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1900™ provides a safe and economic closed-loop option for pump-out dispensers using a screw-in connector to a two-position cap. 


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1400™ is a single-position, hand-removable cap option that makes it easy to pour the liquid product into dispensers or other containers. 

8100 / 900 combination is a two-position fitment with a hand removable, 38mm threaded cap for reseal-ability, and a removable secondary plug as tamper evidence. The primary method of dispensing through this fitment is pour from package. 

FlexTap® - one of the most-used Bag-In-Box taps on Earth.


The newest commercially available generation of taps. FlexTap® offers push-button gravity dispensing with automatic shutoff, flow rate control and superb ergonomics. It is designed primarily for final consumers and mostly used in retail packaging.


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Standard Types of Films:

Metalized HyBar® film provides the necessary oxygen and light barrier for products and, depending on its modification, is suitable for ambient or hot-fill, as well as aseptic applications.

Transparent ClearShield™ is a clear, multilayer coextruded barrier film, developed to provide strong seals, as well as overall package toughness and oxygen protection. Depending on its specification, ClearShield™ films can be used in both hot fill and aseptic applications.

FlexiTech™ is designed to protect your product with strong seals and robust performance throughout the supply chain.




1900 T and 1900 L connectors are designed for dispensing non-particulated food and non-food products. This screw-on connector has a shut-off to vacuum feature when disconnected for use with auto pump out systems. With the T connector, multiple bags can be connected in parallel to one product line.

Major Market Sectors & Corresponding Packaging Volume:

  • 3 & 10L bags for tea, coffee and dairy drinks
  • 5 & 7L bags for smoothies
  • 10L bags for ice cream mixtures

Advantages of Bag-In-Box for Dairy Drinks, Icecreams & Smoothies:

Can your beverage business reach its market potential without a turnkey packaging supplier that can provide a wide range of fitments, sizes, film structures, and equipment tailored to your specific needs?

  • Allow tea, coffee and dairy drinks to be dispensed by-the-glass for on-premise accounts like hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, thereby offering companies an opportunity to expose consumers to their products, extending brand loyalty while harvesting increased market share.
  • Provide a natural product that is kept safe with closed-loop packaging, featuring a range of performance films and fitments.
  • Maximize profit for your customers, with economic packaging that works consistently within product dispensers for an evacuation rate of over 99%, whilst also eliminating the need for expensive cold chain logistics.
  • Save money across the value chain with aseptic, shelf-stable products. 
  • Consistently satisfy consumers with fresh tasting drinks.
  • Streamline on-premise logistics by dispensing from high-barrier bulk packaging.
  • Expose your brand to more people in more places with a carryout tea and coffee program in restaurants, convenience stores, or grocery stores.
  • Delight your customers with an on-tap tea or coffee experience that tastes great even after being opened for weeks.
  • Meet market needs and club store size preferences with flexible packaging that is less restricted by size than other rigid alternatives such as jugs and bottles.
  • Increase your selling price with all-natural, preservative-free, aseptically packaged products.
  • Offer unparalleled storage convenience and portability with Bag-In-Box packaging.
  • Serve customers faster with bulk packaging that reduces the number of times food prep professionals need to replace products or clean dispensers.
  • Reduce overall packaging carbon footprint by switching to flexible packaging.