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Sauces and Oil

How to provide your customer with economical packaging that is easy to use, store, and dispose-of when finished?
The answer is Bag-In-Box.

Bag-In-Box for condiments, sauces and oil gives your customers the ability to deliver an experience to their customers that is safe, natural, economic, and sustainable, regardless of how they plan to dispense your product.

Sauces and condiments are often available to consumers at a cost to the retailer. Providing your product in a package that can maximize yield and remain easy to use for customers will give you an advantage in this competitive market.

        Common Products:

  • Paste-Type Sauces (Ketchup, Mayonnaise)
  • Liquid Sauces (Soya)
  • Vinegar
  • Vegetable Oil

Standard Types of Taps & Fitments:

QuickSeal Sentry SafeLock™ is an aseptic-capable fitment that offers safety and end-use convenience with simple hose or direct-connect functionality within closed-loop dispensing systems. This fitment offers additional benefits to end users who need to safely remove product from the dispenser during cleaning operations. 

1400™ is a single-position, hand-removable cap option that makes it easy to pour liquid products into dispensers or other containers. 

8100 / 900 combination is a two-position fitment with a hand removable, 38mm threaded cap for reseal-ability, and a removable secondary plug as tamper evidence. The primary method of dispensing through this fitment is pour from package. 

Vertical Twist Tap is a two-position fitment, suitable for aseptic applications. Its construction ensures the tap’s efficiency when pouring substantial amounts of product from Bag-In-Box packages.

V-Pull is a two-position tap that offers a lever operated dispensing of low viscosity liquids with automatic shutoff. Tamper evidence is provided through the addition of a tear-off plastic strip. The tap is widely used in the hospitality industry where it is connected to different types of dispensing equipment through a specially designed connector. 

FlexTap® - one of the most-used Bag-In-Box taps on Earth.


The newest commercially available generation of taps. FlexTap® offers push-button gravity dispensing with automatic shutoff, flow rate control and superb ergonomics. It is designed primarily for final consumers and mostly used in retail packaging.

Jerribox® provides end users a safe, glug-free bulk package that significantly improves supply chain costs compared to rigid containers.

Standard Types of Films:

Metalized HyBar® film provides the necessary oxygen and light barrier for products and, depending on its modification, is suitable for ambient or hot-fill, as well as aseptic applications.

Transparent ClearShield™ is a clear, multilayer coextruded barrier film, developed to provide strong seals, as well as overall package toughness and oxygen protection. Depending on its specification, ClearShield™ films can be used in both hot fill and aseptic applications.

FlexiTech™ is designed to protect your product with strong seals and robust performance throughout the supply chain

Major Market Sectors & Corresponding Packaging Volume:


  • 10 & 20L bags with fitments designed for paste-textured condiments and sauces, or for liquid sauces with tap fitments.

Food Service / Industrial:

  • 10 & 20L bags for pre-made sauces, vinegar and vegetable oil.

Advantages of Bag-In-Box for Condiments, Sauces & Vegetable Oil:

  • Provide a natural product that is kept safe with closed-loop packaging, featuring a range of fitment options.
  • Maximize profit for your customers, with economic packaging that works consistently within product dispensers for an evacuation rate of over 99%.
  • Provide a pleasant consumer experience with bulk packaging that dispenses longer without the need for supervision by the retailer’s busy employees.
  • Save money across the value chain with shelf-stable condiments and sauces.
  • Provide your customers products that are fresh, easy-to-use, and safe for fast-paced dispensing.
  • Ensure your product is delivered fresh with high-barrier films.
  • Reduce overall packaging carbon footprint by switching to flexible packaging.
  • Most frequently, vegetable oil is supplied to a final customer (HORECA, bakery and confectionary industry) in multilayer bags, preventing the content of bags from air penetration, smells and other external agents, volume of 10 and 20l. It is possible to supply 220L and 1000L bags.
  • Tap with nozzle provides comfortable oil dosing with possibility of the choice of dispenser (controlled dispensing the through the tap, full and partly bag dispensing through the spout of bag, pneumatic pistol as dispenser device and so on).