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Soft Drink Syrups

How to provide a solution to your soft drink customers looking to solve their unique set of problems?
The answer is Bag-In-Box.

The Bag-In-Box packaging system for soft drinks gives your customers the ability to deliver an experience to their customers that is safe, natural, economic, and sustainable.

Can your post-mix soft drinks business reach its market potential without a turnkey packaging supplier who can provide a wide range of fitments, sizes, film structures, and equipment tailored to your specific needs?

Common Products:

  • Concentrated Syrups of Soft Drinks for Post-Mix Systems

Standard Types of Taps & Fitments:

1900™ provides a safe and economic closed-loop option for pump-out dispensers using a screw-in connector with a two-position cap. 


1900 T and 1900 L connectors are designed for dispensing non-particulated food and non-food products. This screw-on connector has a shut-off to vacuum feature when disconnected for use with auto pump out systems. With the T connector, multiple bags can be connected in parallel to one product line.

Standard Types of Films:

DuraShield® is a barrier film that provides extraordinary bag toughness and superior flex crack resistance for applications where the supply chain may be rigorous.
FlexiTuff™ is designed to protect your product with strong seals and robust performance throughout the supply chain.

Major Market Sectors & Corresponding Packaging Volume:

  • 10 & 20L bags for concentrated syrups of soft drinks for post-mix systems.

Advantages of Bag-In-Box for Soft Drink Syrup:

  • Provide a safe, closed-loop package.
  • Maximize profit for your customers with economic, consistent post-mix syrup dispensers.
  • Offer your customers flexibility with soft drink syrup packaging that can easily meet accounts with high or low volume requirements.
  • Access more accounts with special fitments that work in virtually any dispenser system on Earth.
  • Serve customers faster with bulk packaging that reduces the number of times food prep professionals need to replace product or clean dispensers.