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How to serve fresh juice to your customers from the first glass to the last?

How to deliver a natural and fresh product to broad markets made difficult to reach by complex supply chains?

The answer is Bag-In-Box.

Bag-In-Box empowers water brands to deliver their products where they are needed, in a way that is safe, natural, economic, and sustainable, ensuring that the last drop is always as fresh as the first. Water is everywhere, but it is not always safe to drink or economical to reach.

Bag-In-Box is not suitable for highly mineralized and sparkling waters. Bag-In-Box with tap is not suitable for unfiltered juices containing pulp.

Standard Types of Taps & Fitments:

FlexTap® - one of the most-used Bag-In-Box taps on Earth.

The newest commercially available generation of taps. FlexTap® offers push-button gravity dispensing with automatic shutoff, flow rate control and superb ergonomics. It is designed primarily for final consumers and mostly used in retail packaging.

Click the image to see how it works.

V-Pull is a two-position tap that offers a lever operated dispensing of low viscosity liquids with automatic shutoff. Tamper evidence is provided through the addition of a tear-off plastic strip. The tap is widely used in the hospitality industry where it is connected to different types of dispensing equipment through a specially designed connector. 

Standard Types of Films:

Metalized HyBar® film provides the necessary oxygen and light barrier for products and, depending on its modification, is suitable for ambient or hot-fill, as well as aseptic applications.

Transparent ClearShield™ is a clear, multilayer coextruded barrier film, developed to provide strong seals, as well as overall package toughness and oxygen protection. Depending on its specification, ClearShield™ films can be used in both hot fill and aseptic applications.

2Pure™ is a performance film, designed specifically for ozonated water. This film allows for delivery of a water product that is odor and taint free, in ambient-fill conditions.


Bag-In-Box handles inserted in a carton outer box provide user convenience and brand differentiation for premium boxed wines.
V-Pull connector is designed to connect Bag-In-Box to different types of dispensing equipment installed in hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars and other food outlets.

Bag-In-Box Water tabletop dispenser

Designed for use with Bag-In-Box, this is a hot and cold water dispenser that can be converted into a bottle version with a special conversion kit.

Bag-In-Box Water floor standing dispenser

Designed for use with Bag-In-Box, this is a hot and cold water dispenser that can be converted into a bottle version with a special conversion kit.

Major Market Sectors & Corresponding Packaging Volume:


  • 10 & 20L bags for drinking water.


  • 10 & 20L bags for drinking water that can be used with/without special devices - dispensers

Home & Office Delivery:

  • 10 & 20L bags for drinking water. To be used separately or with specially designed dispensing equipment.
  • In comparison with traditional 19L coolers we can offer delivery of 15 and 20l BIB-packaging, that has the following advantages:
  • Considerable savings at transportation of filled bags due to minimum weight and rectangular packaging forms;
  • Disposable ultraclean packaging
  • There is no need in the empty 10l bottles being returned and cleaned and disinfected before new filling process.

Advantrages of Bag-In-Box for Water:

  • Small capital investments in filling equipment, easiness in its installation, start-ups, filling process, and palletizing of filled bags.
  • Considerable savings during transportation of production due to minimum weight of packaging and rectangular forms of packaging.
  • Keeping high quality of water after opening is guarantied by unique feature of BIB packaging. Unlike traditional PET bottles when water dispensing out of BIB air as well as bacterium in it can not penetrate into the bag.
  • Much more attention is drawn to water in BIB packaging on the shelves of shops due to more advertising space on the carton and attractive packaging in comparison with PET bottles with labels. This allows your brand to become more recognizable. Expose your brand to more people in more places, extending brand loyalty while harvesting increased market share.
  • Meet market requirements and trends to use packaging with more volume and less restrictions on sizes, then alternative packaging made from rigid materials – canisters and bottles.
  • Give opportunity to differentiate brand and increase profit at the expense of advertising space on the packaging, to use this space for joint promoting another product thanks to external carton that fits high quality printing of any text and pictures.
  • Streamline on-premise logistics by dispensing from high-barrier bulk packaging.
  • Save money and resources with a packaging format that eliminates the need for cold chain logistics for drinking water.
  • Increase your selling price with all-natural, preservative-free, aseptically packaged products.
  • Reduce overall packaging carbon footprint by switching to flexible packaging.