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  1. Pixie dust helps with aseptic packaging


    A new and economical way to sterilize flexible packaging and its contents has been developed by Performance Packaging of Nevada. The patented process features a ‘liquid-to-gas’ sterilization process has been code-named “Pixie Dust” by the company.

  2. Aseptic Processing For Bag-in-Box: The Basics


    In the 1970’s, was developed the aseptic filling machine which enabled the bag-in-box packaging process. Prior to this, the aseptic process was limited to cans and was most commonly used for dairy products. Bulk bag-in-box aseptic packaging allowed processors to provide out-of-season products throughout the year, revolutionizing the storage and transportation of processed fruit and vegetable products.

  3. Leave the wine bottles at home for your next camping or hiking trip!


    Summer is a popular period for many to venture out on a vacation. If your trip involves camping, hiking, picnics or eco-travelling, you may run into a dilemma when it comes to packing a few bottles of wine. First, most campsites restrict glass bottles - not to mention that space is at a minimum when packing for a weekend away. The solution? Pack boxed wine! 

  4. Bag-in-Box turns 60


    The first commercial bag-in-box system was invented by William R. Scholle (1915-1997) in 1955 for the safe transportation and dispensing of battery acid. In 1991 for his invention William Scholle was inducted into the packaging hall of fame.

  5. Wine Bag-in-Box turns 50


    The 'wine cask' was invented by Thomas Angove (1918–2010), a winemaker from Renmark, South Australia, and patented by the Angrove’s company on April 20, 1965. 

  6. QSS (QuickSeal Sentry SafeLock™) fitment is introduced to Russia and CIS Countries


    QSS is a safe, reliable dispensing fitment for the fast-paced, clean environment, which is critical to successful restaurant operations. The fitment is ideal for products such as smoothies, dairy and other types of drinks, sauces etc.