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One-way degasing valve for coffee

Integrated degassing system for flexible packaging

Patented by Gaglio in the 1960's, the exclusive one-way degassing valve is applied with success to food and non-food products, confirming its position as the most popular and imitated valve in the world. In its more common application, the valve is used to release gas from product packaged in hermetic containers, preventing air from entering and deteriorating the product, therefore preserving fragrance, aroma, taste and intensity of products. The valve can be also successfully applied to non-food products, guaranteeing the correct stacking of large sized sacks. Each year Gaglio produces more than one billion valves in 8 versions with openings at different pressure levels, specially designed for products with specific requirements.

Working process

The degassing valve consists of a polythene base sealable on the package laminate and of a snap-on cap coupled to the base itself. Underneath the base, in contact with the product, there is a food grade filter, protecting the valve from thin particles. Between the base and the cap, a flexible rubber disk working as an elastic membrane opens and closes the valve. A silicone oil layer seals the rubber disk to the base. The valve opens and degasses when the inner pressure {F2) produced by the product is higher than the sum of the outer atmospheric pressure (F1 ), of the oil capillary adhesion {F3), and of the rubber elastic strength {F4).

Starting conditions

Immediately after product packaging, the package inner and outer pressures are equal.

Degassing phase

The degassing product generates overpressure inside the package, causing the deformation of the inner flexible disk and allowing the trapped gas to escape.

Final conditions

When degasation is over, the inner-outer pressure balance is re­established and the rubber disk returns to its original flat configuration. The sealing silicone prevents air from entering the package.


• Allow to pack goods which release gases

• Improve and enhance package aesthetics

• Extend product preservation and shelf life

• Safeguard package seal integrity

• Solve specific packaging requirements

• Keep product natural taste and flavour


One valve degasing valves

Use of degasing valves

How to apply Goglio degasing valves

Goglio manufactures valve appliers installed on its own packaging equipment as well as on competitors' equipment.

Valves are supplied in boxed waterproof bags, once loosened, valves are loaded in a specific container that feeds the vibration unit. Thanks to a feeding guideway, the valve is then positioned and sealed on the package flat laminate.

Heatsealing valve applier:

•   directly on pre-made bags during bag making

• manual valve applier: for laboratories and for low volume production

• on automatic packaging lines

• speed of up to 70 pcs/mm, depending on materials

Ultrasonic valve applier:

• quicker sealing to fit high-speed packaging lines

• sealability on any structure, no change of sealing conditions

• smooth sealing avoiding package surface deformation

• better aesthetical impact

• speed of up to 130 pcs/min, depending on materials